Aluminium tubing is the superior choice for compressed air systems

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Tube manipulationThe tradition has been for engineers to specify a myriad of tubing materials for their compressed air systems. Examples include stainless steel, copper, galvanised steel and black iron. In more recent years, aluminium has become the go to solution for countless contractors. It makes sense for a plethora of applications. There are certain key reasons why it is a better choice than steel and black iron for these systems. We will be discussing some of them in this post.

Higher costs

Firstly, using aluminium can lower the cost of your project in several areas. More time is necessary for you to create compressed air systems when using steel tubes if you compare to other materials. One reason for this is that you need to thread steel tube to join it and introduce the right fittings. To correctly thread these sections, you must have special threading tools and skilful technicians to do the work. This increases the costs.

The installation costs will also be more expensive. You won’t have as much trouble with aluminium tubes.

Fewer leaks

Aluminium tubing will help you lower system leaks too. A major problem with threaded connections is that they are going to leak at some stage. The estimation is that 8 to 10% of the system’s air shall leak through these connections. Compressors will have to work harder as a result, and for longer. Utility costs will only go up. Use aluminium tubing to keep the leaks down. Contact us if you need stellar tube manipulation services to help get leak proof joints.

Forget that corrosion

Another advantage of aluminium tubing is that it does not corrode. A recurring issue with steel is the moisture that gets inside the system. It makes the tube rust from the interior. Your air system could have a moisture trap to address this issue. However, there is still going to be moisture in the installation, with corrosion still happening. Corrosion leads to several problems, such as air flows being restricted due to a rougher inner surface. Use aluminium tubes for better results.

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