How safely are you handling your materials?

The work we have done over the years has been beneficial to customers in various industries. Some jobs require tubing to be a certain shape or have a specific finish. We use our expertise to ensure that everything is in order. Specifically, we rely on techniques like tube drilling and bending.

One of the most common places to find our steel tubing is in the construction industry. In truth, these products come in numerous shapes and sizes. However, the one constant between them is that you must handle, store, and transport them safely to ensure the quality. People need to utilise specialised implements, attachments, and fittings here. Prior to use, you have to examine each of the items to make sure there are no issues.

You must employ all of your equipment correctly to stop the tubes you’re handling from slipping. To help you with this area, we’re going to talk about standard safety practices. These are ones you should adopt if you have yet to do so.


Hoists, forklifts, and cranes all need to be load-rated for the project. You must prominently display load charts and equipment limits too. With dog and plate clamps, you can only lift a single piece of steel at a time.

You must also be careful with chain shorteners. It’s not ideal to have an insufficient load-rating or install them incorrectly. In either scenario, the chain can fail, causing the load to follow suit. This could put people in harm’s way as well as risking damage to the item and building.


There are also plenty of hazards associated with steel material storage. For instance, the objects can fall over, slide, slip, or roll if you don’t properly restrain them. Sometimes, the racking or shelving system might not be fit for the job. If this is the case, they can collapse under the load.

At Multiform Tubes we understand what it takes to create, store, handle and deliver steel tubing safely. In addition our services allow us to get the products ready for quick installation. For example tube drilling efforts allow you to obtain a clean, precise hole ready for assembly.

With our assistance, you can acquire solutions for all kinds of needs. If you would like to do business with us, please contact our establishment.