Consider titanium for your next project

There are all kinds of possibilities with tubing. Sometimes, it takes the correct skills to realise this potential. We are a company that happens to possess these talents. Our team uses the likes of tube swaging to create quality products. In addition we’re able to work with steel and a variety of other materials.

Of all the various substances we work with, titanium is one of the most sought after. It is resistant to corrosion and has a distinct density. Not to mention, its strength is substantial. Because of these things, a number of industries use it in their applications. It’s commonly the top choice for those who seek first class tubes. Usually, it’s a better medium to use instead of super alloys and stainless steel.

Top characteristics

Titanium’s density is around 60% that of nickel or steel alloys. This is good news for aerospace structures because it can offer considerable weight savings.

The tensile strength is superior to what you find in ferritic and austenitic steels. As a result it can withstand a lot of pressure before breaking.

In terms of corrosion resistance, titanium outclasses stainless steel. This is true in the majority of environments.

Additionally, the metal isn’t magnetic. This makes it very useful for applications where magnets could have a negative effect on the material.

It’s heat transfer properties aren’t too shabby either. Titanium’s melting point exceeds that of steel alloys.

This is also a material that is quite easy to work with. Putting this together with the other positive features and you have is a very useful substance. It’s for high performance metal tubing. Professionals can use these tubes in sub-sea equipment, chemical processing plants, and medical implants.

Get the right service

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