How should I use my titanium tubes?

Our team has been working hard for many years to produce the best tubing for clients. We assist people from a number of industries, ensuring we have a very broad knowledge base. Not just any old design will do for us however. We regularly need to use the power of tube expansion and other skills to provide bespoke products.

Various industries use titanium

Tube expansionThe combination of corrosion resistance, strength, and density makes titanium a really useful metal. Therefore, industries from all over the world make use of it. They rely on it to create an array of products, including tubes.

As far as first rate tubing goes, titanium tubes often stand above their peers like stainless steels and super alloys. The density is roughly 60% of what you would find in steel or nickel-based alloys. In turn, this offers users big weight savings. That is why it is popular for aerospace structures.

If you compare to stainless steel, titanium has superior tensile strength. With corrosion resistance, it also far exceeds steel.

Fewer limits

Many people use titanium tubes due to the limitations of stainless steels. Together with its alloys, titanium continues to evolve to meet the changes taking place in our industries. Here, the properties of the metal are vital to meet regulations and boost productivity. Below, you can find examples of the most frequent uses of these tubes.


Here people use titanium for airframes as well as engine components. The tubes have it in them to handle high temperatures. They can do so even without creep. Thanks to their high resistance to cracks and fatigue, they have an impressive strength-to-density ratio. If you need our tube expansion services, please contact us.

Power generation

With steam environments and high-temperature water, titanium tubes play a pivotal role. People use grade 2 titanium in a host of power plants. They take care of issues such as the failure of boiler condensers as well as other problems.

Chemical processing

A number of highly corrosive environments exist. In many cases tubing is vital here. Due to the titanium tube’s high corrosion resistance, there is a decent chance of it withstanding high stresses. As a result the tube can last in these environments for a long period of time.

The oil and gas industry

Both of these industries use titanium tubes too. High temperature, high pressure uses like oil and gas demand specific tubing. This is items with the ability to last with continual use. They usually require the attributes titanium offers.

Expert titanium tube expansion services

tube bendingAt Multiform Tubes, we use our skills in order to open up the ends of the tubes. By making the right alterations, clients can use them in any way they desire.

If we can be of any help to you at all, please get in touch with our team. We can explain more about tube expansion and how we can get the best results for you. In addition, we can offer lots of advice.