Type L, K, and M copper tubes

Tube reductionIf you have not heard of us before, we are experts in the art of altering tubing. We do this so that we can offer tubes that suit their applications without fail. For this to happen, we must reshape them using tube reduction as well as various other techniques. We are always precise and take care not to damage the tube.

It is not unusual to find copper tubing in your appliances. Good examples include refrigerators and air conditioners. People also use the tube for commercial, construction and residential purposes. The tubes could be rigid copper or a soft variant. In fact, there are lots of different ones to choose from. Below we will look at some of the most important types.

Type L tubing

There are three principal kinds of copper tubes. The first one we will cover is Type L because it is the most common. You can find it in interior plumbing arrangements. Moreover, there are two styles that you can get your hands on. These would be soft and hard copper Type L. The former is the one most people use for water line replacement jobs. As for the latter, people typically use it outside their homes because of its durability. You can expect it to endure direct exposure to the elements.

Type K tubing

Of the three varieties, Type K has the densest walls. The oil industry favours these specific tubes quite a lot. Users often employ them in their water distribution systems too. They even have their uses in fire protection and air system applications. However, you won’t find anyone using them for natural gas projects. Type K is not suitable because of the damage the gas can do to the joints of the tubes. They are a practical choice when installing main water lines though. If you require our tube reduction service, please contact us.

Type M tubing

These are the thinnest type of copper tubes. On the other hand, they are some of the most affordable. Similar to Type L, they have soft and hard designs. Typically, one can find them distributing water throughout our homes. They also show up in the majority of vacuum systems. Type M has become one of the most popular options.

DMV tubes

There is also the less common DMV tubes. Chances are you will have encountered this type if you reside in an older property. While it is an older style, there are still uses for them today primarily as a way to vent plumbing and for above ground drains. When using them yourself, due to their thin walls, it is wise to only do so for applications where the pressure will exceed 15 psi.

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At Multiform Tubes, we use our skills on tubing made from a myriad of distinct materials. This includes mild and stainless steel, aluminium, and different types of copper. As a result we can offer a great service each time.

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