How to tell if you need new plumbing tubes

We have years of experience working in the manipulation of tubing. Our expert engineers make use of all kinds of specialist services to produce items that meet your requirements. Thanks to the likes of tube ring rolling, we can get you the tubes you desire with minimal hassle. We can also do this for a fair price.

One of the most common reasons people need our tubing is because they require replacement components. This can be for all kinds of applications, such as plumbing and heating systems. However, there are often individuals who aren’t sure whether they need to replace the tube or not. To help, we are going to go over those signs that are telling you it is necessary to update the plumbing.

Discoloured water

Firstly, there is discolouration of the water. When someone turns on the tap for whatever reason, they expect it to be clear. At times, if the council works on the main water lines, it could be cloudy. This is minor and not something to worry about. However, if water is consistently orange, brown, yellow, or red, there is a problem. You will likely have to replace the tubes here. Such discolouration is usually because of corrosion.


Tube ring rollingAnother sign to be aware of is frequent clogging. Your tubes need to freely direct the water away from your property. Every so often you will come across a small clog, but they normally resolve themselves quite quickly. When the clogs are more regular though, there is probably a bigger issue at hand. It could be something like tree roots penetrating the tubing. Issues can also happen if sediments accumulate.

Whatever the cause, it needs rectifying. Usually this can mean replacing the tubes. Let us know if you require our tube ring rolling service. They are perfect for producing bespoke components for all kinds of systems.

Old tubes

It may also be a simple case of your tube being too old. Like with every appliance, roofing material, and other parts of the home, they have an age limit. Galvanised steel, cast iron, and brass tubes last between 80 and 100 years. As for copper, they last 70 to 80. There is also PVC, but they usually only provide four decades of use with proper maintenance.

If you have tubes older than their projected lifespans, replace them at the first given opportunity. It is a more proactive thing to do and can reduce the risk of serious issues like leaks.

Tube ring rolling to provide bespoke parts

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, the products we are able to provide using our specialist services can serve a multitude of industries. This includes heating, medical, and transport among others. In addition, we can broaden this by dealing with a huge range of materials, such as mild steel, copper, and titanium.

So, if you believe our tube ring rolling work can help you, please let us know. We can work with you on an array of projects, including replacement tubes for most needs.