Why steel tube bending is integral for forestry machines

We are a business that works hard to provide a variety of tube bending services to suit multiple applications. Thanks to our knowledge of the tubing industry, we can attend to all of your requirements. In addition, we make use of the best equipment and tooling to produce accurate results.

The forestry sector

Tube bending servicesOne area where bent steel tubes are very common is the forestry sector. This is a demanding industry that relies on heavy machinery to transport logs, cut trees and more. It is a global market, with forest hotspots in parts of Europe like Germany and Finland as well as America. Timber from these forests can travel all over the world, either as raw materials or final products.

Most countries also make use of forestry machines to maintain their parks and woodlands. They help to keep them clean and reduce the risk of disease, overgrowth, and fire. Examples of countries that use them in these ways include Italy, France, and Poland.

Diverse machinery

One look at forestry and you can see how broad the selection of machinery is. For example, there are trailers for logs, excavators, harvesters, mulchers, and brush cutters. These all come in a variety of sizes. You can find huge models that can clear an entire forest in a matter of weeks as well as smaller ones for parks.

The technological progress in the industry has been essential to meeting production targets. One thing that has helped this is the easy access to quality bent tubes and bars thanks to reliable tube bending services. Manufacturers like us can create them with great accuracy so they can work on all kinds of machines.

The wooden terrain

The terrain that forestry machines navigate is typically steep, sloped and rough. Most logs will be heavy too. All of this means that log transportation with the machinery can cause massive stresses. It increases the danger of breakdowns or damages.

Due to the reason above, it is essential for you to figure out the right cross section of your tubes to bend. You must do this during the project stage. In addition, you must consider the quality and thickness of your steel. Contact us if you require the finest tube bending services.

There is another significant step while processing tubing for producing forestry machines. It is the cold bending process. By using CNC tube bending mechanisms, it is possible to mass produce the necessary tubes for forestry machines. That can lower production costs whilst preserving quality. This is thanks to the constant repeatability.

Work with our team when you need tube bending services

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