Where in hydraulic systems does tubing excel?

Tubes are components that are used by a diverse array of industries, including automotive and retail to name some. However, tubing may not be suitable enough as it is; it could require some amendments before being ready for use. Specialising in tube reduction, in addition to a plethora of other services, we are the people to contact if you need accurately adapted products.

When picking between tube and hose assemblies for hydraulic applications, there are questions that must be asked. Overall, you will find that each comes with its own set of benefits. Since tubing is our speciality, we are going to discuss those situations in which you would introduce tubes into your hydraulic system.

For those who prioritise life spans above all else, tubing will prove to be the better choice in the majority of instances. While this rule is a general one, you should know that it doesn’t apply 100% of the time. The effects of abrasion, the various chemicals in use, vibration, heat, and other factors can sometimes lower the potential of products, so take care. Tube however is typically known for outlasting hoses in high impulse, high-cycle applications.

If expansion under pressure is a massive concern for you, it would be best to go with tubing. When hoses undergo pressurisation, their length decreases, and the diameter widens. Furthermore, the volume of the hose’s interior intensifies ever so slightly whilst under pressure. If enough hoses are utilised within a complex, the escalation of the level of hydraulic fluid needed for finishing a task becomes apparent. With tube however, the expansion is minute, making it more appropriate when accurate positioning is a necessity.

At Multiform Tubes, our years of experience when it comes to tube manufacturing ensure that we can produce products that meet your every requirement. We aren’t just limited to a single material either, as we are capable of working with the likes of copper, brass, aluminium, and titanium tubes in addition to steel variants. We can provide tube reduction and various other services for these materials.

If there are specifics that you wish to discuss with us, please get in touch.