Tube manipulation and bending guide

Sometimes, even the most competent of engineers and designers are not completely aware of how tube manipulation and bending machines operate. They therefore miss out on certain opportunities and capabilities. Daily we receive requests for tube components which are complex in design because we have become known for the extensive knowledge and fantastic skills we possess. We would like to take this opportunity to make you are aware of what’s involved in the manipulation processes.

Generally, orders require multiple components to create a finished product. It is vital the individual parts fit in order to make production as simple as possible. By taking on board some guidelines you can be sure the components outlined are precise.

When discussing a tube, it is referring to a rigid metal pipe, usually manufactured from various kinds of steel, aluminium and copper. Often they are circular when cross sectioned, but tubes can be rectangular, square, or oval depending on the application. The significant advantage of bending tubing rather than welded structures is it provides many more solutions. A tube will provide a longer, robust life with a more aesthetically pleasing look.

To fully understand all design characteristics for tube manipulation and bending, you must know the different methods used. There are mainly three ways of bending; draw, compression, and roll. If you would like to know about these techniques, get in touch with Multiform Tubes today.

When it comes to tube size, choosing the standard size has numerous benefits. The first reason is materials will be less pricey and readily available, especially if the order is a small to moderate quantity. Secondly, your contractor is more likely to have the suitable tools for standard diameters; therefore will produce the tubes at a better rate.

If you are in doubt about any tube configurations then seek advice from professional, experienced tube manipulation subcontractors. Multiform Tubes is willing to provide you with the necessary information to help with your tube order. If you require our expertise, please don’t hesitate to get in contact today.