The ideal bend requires adequate tooling

Altering tubes to suit the client’s specification is something that we have always been good at and we have the positive testimonials to back this up. Thanks to our years of experience, we have become something of an authority on the subject of tube ring rolling, with this service never failing to please customers. Suitable when looking to create tubing for a specific purpose and possessing immense potential, our work is something you should consider investing in.

Many people have seen fit to brand tube bending of any variety as a black art, one where trial and error can’t be avoided. In truth however, the basic principles have remained the same while technology has evolved to help ease the process. As a result there is less trial and error and much better accuracy.

To assist in achieving the ideal bend, your tooling set up has to be top notch. If you happen to be using rotary draw bending this fact becomes even more vital.

You also need to take the mandrel into account as the hardness is important. With a hard mandrel and tube, or a soft mandrel and tubing, the mandrel has a high chance of sticking inside and causing a lot of problems. As a rule of thumb, a mix of soft and hard materials should always be utilised to prevent this from happening.

Your tooling has to consider radial growth too. If this is quite large the nature of rotary draw means that after your clamp die is released. The radius you have at the start will differ greatly that the one you have at the end of your bend as a result. To compensate for the growth, it’s best to use a bend die that has a smaller radius.

At Multiform Tubes our tube altering expertise can benefit any company that seeks our aid. We can work with a myriad of substances, including the likes of copper, steel and brass, delivering the best products. We can provide tube ring rolling with all of these materials and ensure the finished tube is precise and finished to a high standard.

If you require our assistance, then feel free to get in touch with us.