Professional tube drilling services provide many benefits

One of the strongest values we have here at Multiform Tubes is our commitment to providing a completely transparent service. The trust our many valued clients have in us has been built up by our dedication to remaining honest at all times. In terms of this, we’d like to look at one query in particular that crops up from time to time.

Some have, over the years, suggested that one or two aspects of our comprehensive range of services could be carried out by anyone. This one comes up often in relation to tube drilling. There are many guides as to how to carry out this kind of work, and most of them feature non-specific equipment to do it with. Whilst we do not doubt that some people could find that they have access to the equipment required and would be able to follow the available guides, there remains a big question about whether or not they should.

Other than the assurance of a perfect and professional job being done there’s another very good reason to use us for tube drilling. This reason is, to be blunt, liability. In this day and age we are all aware of the strong emphasis placed on health and safety compliance – and the significant penalties imposed on those who are found to be in breach of them. If you carry out what seems like straightforward tube drilling work and something goes wrong it could well be the case that you are left in a legally liable position.

A recent case has brought the above into focus. A company was fined £250,000 plus costs as they were found liable for an injury experienced from untrained and unsupervised aluminium tube drilling activities.

In that particular case the company believed that they could carry out the work but did not consider the important matter of whether or not they should. Whilst we’re pleased to say that the individual involved in the accident got the medical attention they needed, the size of the fine has very serious repercussions for the company involved.

Using us for your tube drilling requirements gives you far reaching benefits. Not only do you get professional and precision work carried out, you also have the assurance of knowing your liabilities in respect of health and safety requirements are managed.