Important decisions to make for medical tubing

As specialists when it comes to tube manipulation, it should come as no surprise to you that we are well versed in a multitude of different alteration techniques. Tube ring rolling is one of these methods and consists of us bending the tubes in such a way that they create circular rings. Whatever your reason for seeking our aid, we guarantee that we won’t let you down.

The medical profession is one such industry that utilises steel tubes in various applications including for patient assistance products. In order to ensure that doctors are supplying only the best of care to their patients, medical steel has to be both of a decent quality and very durable.

Choosing the most appropriate materials for a certain purpose is a vital aspect of medical device production and design. This is the case because the substances that are chosen can have a substantial impact on crucial performance properties. Such characteristics include the likes of flexibility, chemical resistance, durability and hardness.

Additionally, an incorrect decision can result in massive issues. To give an example, tubing material that is incompatible can chemically change liquids that pass through the tube or they could end up binding to the tube’s walls, with a failed delivery being the outcome.

Therefore, when specifying materials for medical device tubing, one thing you must do is look beyond the cost and decide what is required for your unique purposes. Ask yourself such things like whether the tubing has to possess a great resistance to substances that it will be exposed to, or if it needs to be bent into a specific shape.

At Multiform Tubes in addition to tube ring rolling, we have a slew of other manipulation strategies at our disposal. Even with the strongest of tubes, rolling provides constant curves while making sure that the tube doesn’t become flattened at the same time. Should you need our help, we are always easy to reach.