What grades of steel are used in the medical industry?

In the previous article we covered we mentioned the importance of choosing the right materials for medical tubing. What we didn’t do was go into too much depth in terms of which ones are used. We would like to focus now on the grades of steel that are commonly utilised to make steel tubing for use in the medical industry.

Stainless steel for example, being very strong and highly resistant to both corrosion and chemicals, is ideal for the medical purposes. Even then there are a slew of different grades available with differing properties. They are all classed as stainless but their characteristics can be slightly different. When selecting your steel the end use has to be understood so that one can specify the most suitable grade.

The most common stainless steel grade is that of A2, something that is both cost effective and readily available in a considerable range of sizes. Typically, it includes 18% chromium, a brittle and hard substance that doesn’t tarnish during air exposure, and 8% nickel, a material well known for its strength, ductility and corrosion resistance.

Another widely used and versatile option is 304 stainless steel. It is known for its welding and forming characteristics. Thanks to its low carbon composition, 304 is also utilised when looking to minimise carbide precipitation and for applications involving high temperatures.

At Multiform Tubes we always make sure that we are using the most appropriate materials possible when providing products for clients. This is important to ensure we meet their requirements. It is also important for us to be absolutely sure about the properties of each material. This means we can provide the most precise tube bending services.

The act of bending a tube is perhaps the most simplistic form of alteration that exists, but even here, you have to be careful in order to make certain that they can fulfil their intended purpose. With years of experience in working with tubes, we have developed a host of techniques that produce only the finest of results. Useful for manufacturing railings, chair frames, barriers and a host of other objects, the versatility of the products we create with our tube bending services cannot be denied.