It’s titanium vs aluminium

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd has been delivering specialist tubing services for a long time now. We use the likes of tube swaging to supply parts that are more appropriate for your applications. Unlike some providers, we don’t limit you to using steel either. Other materials we have experience with include copper, aluminium, titanium, brass, hydraulic tubes, and others. As a result, you can get a great service for a huge array of metals.

Titanium is a lightweight, robust metal that is used in all sorts of applications, including tubing. However, due to the price, people often compare it to aluminium. This is another strong metal, but one with a lower price tag. When you think about what to use, there are numerous details here that can influence your final choice. Both the metal’s price and its characteristics need consideration. With a comparison of the properties of these metals, you will be able to easily see how they differ.

The titanium side

Tube swagingThis is one of the most common metals existing in nature. It resists corrosion, is strong, and has a low weight. It has decent thermal conductivity too, in addition to being non-toxic and non-magnetic. These features make it highly desirable. Yet, it is harder to process and extract, thus the high price. Let us know if you need our tube swaging services.

Since it is so strong and non-toxic, titanium often makes its way to the medical industry. It is used in equipment like cranial plates, pace makers, and knee replacements. Due to its corrosion resistance, it has become valuable to the marine and chemical industries too. But, it is not good as a conductor due to the poor conductivity.

Even though titanium is heavier than aluminium, the strength difference means you need less of it for most jobs. You can get the same results using a smaller amount.

What is aluminium like?

This is an economical option that provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. You can get it for a comparatively low cost too. Plus, aluminium is a strong, reliable metal with decent corrosion resistance, along with high fracture toughness. The appearance is a dull silvery one that comes from a thin layer of aluminium oxide. It forms nearly immediately when it gets exposed to air.

If you compare to titanium, aluminium is more abundant. The easy fabrication is what really brings the cost down here.

Aluminium can stand up to the majority of acids as well, but it is not as reliable against alkalis. The thermal conductivity is excellent though, which is why people love using it for cooking applications. When you compare to titanium, it has outstanding electrical conductivity too. This has led to people frequently using it as a conductor.

Work with our team when you need tube swaging

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we can help if you need to adapt titanium or aluminium tube. Using our extensive talents, we can make the inner tube a different shape while keeping the exterior circular. We can also offer bending, drill holes, and even provide ID expansion.

So, if you want to arrange tube swaging or any other service, make sure you let us know. We can even provide assembly if you want an all in one solution.