Are square or round tubes better for the job?

Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd is one of the UK’s foremost providers of specialist tubing services. We have spent a long time using and perfecting various techniques so that we can provide clients with the best items. One of the things we can do is tube expansion. Here, we use a series of approaches to open the tube’s end to suit different needs.

You are able to choose metal tubing in a myriad of shapes. Despite this, square and round tubes tend to be the most common for countless applications. The question though is which one is best for manipulation. There is more to the answer than merely looking at the space you will install the tube or merely thinking of its purpose. In truth, there are three critical factors you must consider here. These are manufacturing, strength, and formability.

Square tubes

Tube expansionWe will start by looking at how square tubing compares in all three categories, beginning with manufacturing. The fact is that these tubes demand you put in more work here. That being said, it does not need the amount of specialist measuring that round utensils do. You process metal coils via multiple dies into a single, flat sheet. Later on, you bend the metal several times and weld it to acquire the final shape.

Square tubes possess excellent strength in unbent, singular pieces. The way the shape distributes tension, together with the vertical edges, leads to it losing strength when under pressure. These tubes become more vulnerable to buckling, rippling, and other distortions.

As for formability, it is more likely to give way when under pressure if you compare to round tubes. However, using it to fabricate unique pieces is an easier job. Give us a call if you need our tube expansion services.

Round tubes

Tube reductionWith manufacturing, due to its round shape, you don’t need that many materials to produce tubing. It weighs less as a result and is cheaper to manufacture. The tubes are easier to insulate, seal, and thread too.

In terms of strength, round tubing has a continuous exterior with zero edges. When you put the tube under stress, the pressure gets evenly distributed. Because of this, the chances of unwanted crimping, breaks, and bends are greatly diminished. Compare to square tubing, these tubes are also more resistant to torsional twisting and flexing under weight.

Looking at formability, round tubing is brilliant for shaping and bending. Thanks to the shape, metal evenly flows in every direction as you alter it. When handled properly, there is a low chance of distortion or concaving happening.

With the information here, you should be in a better position to choose the right tubing for your projects.

Work with us when you need tube expansion

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we can offer products that are ideal for a huge array of industrial uses. We work with a wide variety of tubing materials and shapes too. This has led to us becoming one of the most versatile businesses offering tube services in the UK.

So, if you would like tube expansion or another form of manipulation, feel free to contact us. We can help you to get the exact products you need.