Keep everything in balance when using tubing

When you look at our name you instantly know that our speciality is tubing. We don’t merely supply it however. Our team works to alter the very makeup of these products. They do this using many different techniques to meet a range of needs. One service we offer is tube expansion to open up the ends. Overall, it’s one of the most versatile methods of offering a tight fitting joint.

Poor preparation is often at fault for the failure of welds. Porosity is a common issue that can result in cracks. It comes from atmospheric contamination and base metal. A sparse degree of gas coverage can also cause it.

It’s possible that you might notice some porosity or cracks. If you do, then we advise against grinding and re-welding. This runs the risk of increasing the heat zone. Steel’s temper alters the more time you spend heating it, so the additional work can weaken the material.

Visual assessments

When seeking out tube weld defects, start with a visual assessment. You should witness a great wet-out and tie-in at the toes of your weld. Your bead should look consistent in addition. You may encounter certain sections that possess an asymmetrical bead profile. There could even be a crown that’s especially high. In these cases, there may be a weld flaw. To convex, your weld must be flat. It shouldn’t concave though.


Welds must also balance on each side of the joint’s root. Misalignments occur when a person welds more to a specific side. This creates asymmetry. With every joint, the bead legs of your weld need to match a certain length. They have to be as long as the wall thickness of the base material. With 0.120in wall tubing, each bead leg needs to be 0.120in.

At Multiform Tubes, we provide a series of top-notch services including tube expansion. Thanks to our experience and professional team, we can take on any job. Because of our top of the line machinery, the expansion technique is suitable for many materials as well.

Get in touch today if you’re considering working with us. We can help you choose the right processes to get the design you need. In addition we can inspect the tubes for flaws for you.