Maintaining and repairing central heating systems

With the summer nights starting to feel a little cooler, many of us have considered giving our home heating systems a test run ahead of the winter. It is always advisable to do this around the end of August or during September, as this lets you know that it’s working as it should be before you need it. In most cases it turns out to be running as expected, but there’s always going to be a few who find that their home central heating needs to be repaired or replaced.

No matter how much care and effort you put into looking after and maintaining your home central heating, the reality is that no system will last forever. Although regular maintenance and cleaning will ensure it runs efficiently, the sheer nature of heat and metal means that eventually the pipes used in it will need to be replaced. We provide the expert services which ensure the pipes are changed and altered to correctly connect to boilers and radiators, whether the radiators themselves are old or new.

Our tube expansion, reduction and manipulation services are generally in high demand to help keep older radiators working. Whilst there’s little or no value in keeping an old boiler operating in your home, many appreciate the aesthetic beauty of majestic, old fashioned radiators in their home. However, it can be virtually impossible to find off-the-shelf parts and pipes to allow them to work together with modern heating systems. Our tube swaging and tube end forming makes sure that you can get the parts you need to connect old style radiators safely and effectively to modern heating systems.

Enabling classic looking radiators to work successfully as part of modern central heating systems is just one of the many thousands of applications our tube bending services deliver. Whether a customer needs just one part making for a specific reason, or many tubes need to be manipulated in an exact and identical way to meet the requirements of a production project, time and again we have delivered the best results possible.