Successfully meeting every manipulation need

Tube manipulation is a range of processes used to create a wide range of tubular products and components for a diverse range of applications. Our services are designed to offer the most comprehensive customer care and we are recognised throughout the industry as suppliers of excellent tubular products at the right prices.

Tube manipulation allows for the transformation of objects with no reduction or cutting away of the material. We consistently supply products for many industries, and our reshaping services are second to none. Tube manipulation and bending provides precise products for the automotive, construction and heating sectors as well as furniture manufacturing, medical equipment, retail displays and many more.

We can produce components for both commercial and domestic environments and we are able to meet large orders and satisfy all demands. We work out of fully equipped facilities and we invest in the highest quality equipment and machinery. Our team of engineers are skilled, qualified and experienced in every aspect of manipulation. Our customers can rest assured of their ability to deliver complete accuracy and outstanding results every time.

We know the importance of carefully planned schedules and meeting project deadlines. This is why we ensure your tubes and components are produced on time and that you incur no setbacks or loss of production. We specialise in smooth and flawless finishes and our tubes can be manufactured in over 200 sizes and a varied selection of shapes such as square, oval and round. We manufacture tubes in a range of materials including aluminium, copper, titanium, brass, stainless steel and hydraulic tube. Furthermore, we offer welded fabrication which enables us to work with structural components to meet any requirements.

Metal tubes are versatile and offer a world of advantages. Our unlimited capabilities mean that we can meet every need and we will always be happy to deliver a bespoke service. We offer nothing less than quality client care along with affordable and high calibre tube swaging, bending, and many other forms of manipulation.