Make sure your tooling and formulas are in order

Tube manipulation is hard to get right, but we have the skills necessary to help our customers with their demands. Our company has worked in the tubing industry for years. During this time, we’ve mastered an array of techniques that focus on achieving great results.

From tooling marks to wall collapses, tube bending issues occur even with the most sophisticated systems. Like many problems, a speck of prevention is better than a pound of cure. For this reason, the most critical step is preparation when it comes to projects. We have some tips here for you for that could reduce the risk of an issue.

Setting up your tools

Prior to starting a bend, you must set your tooling. The initial stage in troubleshooting any problem with your machinery is confirming that you’ve properly positioned your tools.

If you’re utilising a mandrel to bend, bad placement can cause tube collapse, humps in your bend, and similar flaws. Then again, a mandrel can assist you in interpreting some of the recurring problems. The key here though is to make certain that you’ve set your tooling correctly. It’s well worth your time and will prevent your tubes from becoming unusable.

The proper formula

One other vital step in bend preparation is formula estimation. You should allocate some time to determining factors like the section area, inertia, and the size and formation of your tube. If you do, you can save quite a bit of effort and time overall.

Take your time when going through all the formulas you’ll require for each bend. Such action shall aid you in suitably setting up your equipment.

At Multiform Tubes, we can perform our tube manipulation work with the utmost accuracy and efficiency. This is thanks to the investments we’ve made into our advanced technology. We are very flexible and can satisfy even the most intricate of requirements.

If our services interest you and you’d like more information, feel free to contact us anytime.