The major causes of tube leakages

We are a company that has spent years serving the tubing industry. As a result, we’ve accumulated an incredible amount of experience. This is something we’ve used effectively to become one of the country’s foremost creators of quality tubes. Using tube expansion as well as a range of other techniques, we supply unique products that serve distinct purposes.

When performing tube expansion, there are a number of issues that can pop up. Tube rolling leakage is one of them. This fault has various causes, including the incorrect preparation of tube holes, over-rolling, and under-rolling. To give you a better understanding of why each of these is a concern, we’re going to discuss them here.


As the name implies, this is where you don’t expand your tube to fill the sheet hole. You don’t acquire the right degree of wall reduction here either. Under-rolling is preferable to over, but you should still avoid it.


This is where the interior diameter’s expansion exceeds what is needed for the correct volume of wall reduction for the perfect tube joint. As a result it can cause substantial harm to a product. Over-rolling shall lower the dimension of the ligament between the tubes. After this happens, it’ll lead to a reaction in every ligament that exists around the weakened one. If you minimise the ligament’s strength, the tube next to the one you’re rolling will leak.


Another significant cause of tube leakage is insufficient preparation of the tube’s holes. You may gouge the tube sheet or drum. If you do, it’ll be tremendously exasperating to expand your utensil to fill the gouges without resorting to over-rolling. The smoother your tube hole or seat, the simpler it’ll be to roll a model tube joint.

At Multiform Tubes, we always follow the proper practices whenever we alter a product. When done correctly, our tube expansion work supplies you with a versatile means of obtaining tight fitting joints. As a result they can cater for various needs and will minimise the risk of leaks.

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