Making tube adjustment more affordable

It is widely known that global metal prices are at the lowest they have been for many years. This is particularly the case with steel, one of the most common and widely used forms of metal in construction work. While the lower prices are very supportive of the building and manufacturing industries, it does not automatically mean that refining or producing the metal has also become cheaper. When it comes to making sure client have access to perfectly formed tubes and pipes for their projects, our tube manipulation services are often a far more viable and affordable approach than having specific parts made.

Despite the lower costs of steel, companies in the industry still find it more efficient and ultimately more affordable to produce tubing and piping of a straight length, featuring a standardised diameter. While this allows businesses to access the materials they require at lower costs, it is seldom the case that the metal tubes produced meet their exact specifications. The costs involved with having tubing shaped and cut to order can be high. We can transform the raw, straight metal tubing into whatever shape or size you require for a much more affordable price.

Although we are widely regarded as the leading name for tube manipulation services in the UK, we are not limited to this. As mentioned above, steel tubes and pipes are most commonly produced in standard diameters. Quite often it can be the case that a manufacturing or construction project requires a non-standard diameter. Our tube reduction service allows us to transform the tubing to the required size with a high standard of tolerance in measurement. The way we work means that the strength and integrity of the tubing is never undermined by the reduction process.

The current low price of steel and other metals gives a boost to budgeting for manufacturing and construction businesses. The advantages of this are amplified by having us make tube adjustments rather than having the parts specifically made. Whether you need to have one length of metal tubing adjusted, or you need many lengths of piping to be changed to meet your needs, time and again we have been trusted to deliver the perfect results.