Precision engineering for successful tube beading

In day to day life, it’s likely that you will directly or indirectly use a product, appliance or tool involving a metal tube which has a raised bump at one end, or one or more dimples. The process used to create this effect is called tube beading. We are the leading name in the UK for tube beading services and can provide this service to the highest standard of accuracy and skill, creating excellent results every time.

Beading is typically used to allow the metal tube to lock or fit correctly in place for its intended use. It looks like a textbook example of a simple yet effective solution to a particular need. For example, the beading on hose connectors allows the safe and secure connection of hose pipes, whether for water hoses or fire extinguishers. Despite the seeming simplicity, the process of beading is complex and requires a great deal of professional skill.

Whether we are making one or more dimples on tubing or a continuous, raised loop, tube beading is a task with no margin for error. If a mistake is made, either in terms of the measurement where the beading must be placed or the consistency of the elevation achieved, it is likely that the entire length of steel tube must be scrapped. It is rare that incorrect beading can be repaired or fixed.

Avoiding errors is of primary importance when engaging in tube beading work. Through a combination of our professional skills and the use of precise equipment, we have become known for offering a tube beading service which is characterised by zero tolerance of errors. We understand that when it comes to tube bending and manipulation services, you need complete certainty that precise work will be conducted on your metal tubes. This is exactly why so many businesses across the UK trust us to work for them.