Mandrel bending tubes

We are a business known for its high calibre tube bending services. They are useful for an exhaustive list of applications. Having spent years working in this field, we have an unrivalled knowledge of the process. Using it, we are able to offer every client an experience no other provider can match.

When bending a tube, one of the most common pieces of equipment to use is a mandrel. If you use them properly, mandrels are able to help stop some of the most recurring tube bending complications. However, if you don’t position them correctly, mandrels can generate their own problems. It is essential for everyone to understand how to mandrel bend a tube prior to actually doing it. That is what we want to discuss here.

Why is a mandrel crucial for tube bending?

To start off with, we want to talk about why it is essential to utilise a mandrel in the first place. The most basic reason of them all is that it is necessary for support. Their presence can prevent tube walls from collapsing.

One of the leading issues mandrels can address is spring back. This is the habit of a metal returning to its original shape after you work on it. That can be a significant obstacle when you are bending tubing. You may think you have the right bend degree, but then spring back can occur and you are no longer where you need to be. A mandrel is the simplest way of stopping it. We can use them in our stellar tube bending services.

How does the bending work?

Tube bending servicesNow that we have gone through those details, let’s discuss how to mandrel bend a tube. The initial step is the same as it is with other bends. You need to set your tooling. When managed improperly, the tooling can lead to bulging, buckling, and kinks. There can even be wrinkles and tube collapse.

There are actually solutions you can use to help overcome tube collapse. When troubleshooting here, your initial step should be to examine things. See if you have clamp slip. If this isn’t a problem, you next need to guarantee that there is enough push-assist for your setup. Like the majority of tube bending problems, it is always wise to examine the mandrel’s position. Do so in relation to the tangent.

Another useful step here would be to make certain the amount of mandrel balls present is enough for the project. All the components could be working properly and suitable for the project. If so, look for drag and make any adjustments you need.

Examining the tooling

In truth, the first step towards troubleshooting any tube bending issue is to examine the tooling. Once it is set and your machines are prepared, you are free to start.

When utilising a mandrel, you start by pulling the tube over it. This will be held in a flex position. It is very important. If there is an issue with the positioning, you can have big flaws in the tubing.

For instance, your mandrel could be too far back. Here, it won’t be in place to create enough pressure on the inside of your bend to compress the material. The bend can start well enough. Once it moves past 20º or so however, the material will start pushing back. What you can get here is a wave or ripple. It is forming and getting flattened constantly between the bend die and mandrel. When you remove the tube from the bend die, you will witness a massive buckle.

On the other hand, if the mandrel is too far forward you can create other major problems with your bend. Primarily, it can lead to bump forming at the end of your bend.

All of these problems can also worsen in certain situations. For example, it happens when bending thin-wall tubing or producing tight bends. For this reason, your mandrel has to be set correctly. It is the same for all your other tooling.

We give clients the best results with tube bending services

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we use the most sophisticated machinery for our services. Because of this, we can alter tubing with outstanding accuracy. The results for our clients are far superior. We always aim to give you the very best products and a high quality service from start to finish.

So, if there is anything we can do for you, feel free to call or email us. Our tube bending services are market leading for their quality and ability to cater for many needs. You can even come to us for prototyping.