The types, properties, and uses of brass

We are an establishment with years of experience in tube manipulation. Our technicians make use of a wide range of techniques to produce the perfect tubes for various situations. Tube ring rolling is one process we use on a regular basis. It can take a straight section of tubing and roll it into circular designs. With this, we can produce versatile components more easily.

Tube ring rollingOne of the materials we adapt in our work is brass. Tubes and pipes made of it are primarily utilised as plumbing fixtures for commercial and residential structures. The attributes that make these brasses as popular as they are for everyday architecture are extensive. Examples include availability, ease of machinability, soldering and brazing, and corrosion resistance.

One of the best things about brass is there are many types available to purchase. What we will be doing in this post is going over some of them. As part of it we want to talk about their uses and composition. Then, if you choose one and need tube ring rolling, you can rely on us.


Firstly, is a brass alloy that is also referred to as C353. It has a varying level of zinc and copper content. The detail that makes it stands out though is lead’s addition. By adding a minimal amount to the alloy, it acquires extra durability. It obtains outstanding machinability as well.

This metal is a popular choice for a multitude of uses. For example, it is useful for bearings, fittings, and fasteners.


Also called C464 within the metal industry, this brass is comprised of 1% tin, 40% zinc, and 59% copper. At first, the 1% might not seem like much. But, when it comes to alloy composition, it is a substantial figure.

As the name implies, naval brass is useful for maritime applications. Tin’s addition makes the material highly durable, with a big boost to corrosion resistance. This is the case even when it is constantly in use near seawater.

Rich low brass

This is another common alloy, also referred to as “Tombac”. It contains roughly 15-20% zinc. The rest of the composition is normally copper, providing it with a lovely gold-like shine. There can also be other additions for colour.

This material is primarily for jewellery, ornaments, and even medals.

Red brass

Also known as gunmetal, people consider this to be both bronze and brass. The standard 85% copper, 5% tin, 5% lead, 5% zinc composition qualifies it as an alloy of the latter. Despite that, it is also possible to identify it as bronze by its dark red shade. At times though, we consider red brass to be a special variety of copper alloy when it holds 14-16% zinc. Plus, there are 0.05% trace amounts of lead and iron.

There are lots of potential uses here, including fittings, taps, and even some gears if the stress is minimal.

Yellow brass

This particular type contains 67% copper and 33% zinc, which explains the lighter colour. It has some great properties, such as the gold-like appearance, good strength, and good ductility.

The most recurring uses for the alloy include handrails, exposed tubes, and other fixtures. We can provide tube ring rolling if necessary.

So many options

Those brass types we have mentioned here are merely some of the varieties you are most likely to find. There are plenty more, such as special niche alloys. Most assuredly, there is a kind of brass available for every project and need.

Talk to us if you need tube ring rolling solutions

As we said above, brass is a material we can work with. What we do is roll and bend the tube to create things like spiral staircases, automotive springs, and heating components. It is also possible for us to perform ring rolling using a plethora of methods. You can choose hot or cold and hand or machine to suit the alloy. Even with the strongest materials, we offer constant curves and ensure the process doesn’t flatten your tubes.

At Multiform Tubes Engineering Ltd, we strive to deliver both first rate products and excellent customer service. Tube ring rolling is one of our specialities, but there are various other practices here that you can take advantage of. As a result, you can get exactly what you need.

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