Manufacturing precision tubes for all areas of industry

We are a large and diversified supplier of tubular products to industry, recognised for the production of tubes with perfect finishes that offer outstanding value for money. We provide a cost-effective service and our core values reflect our commitment to delivering affordable solutions.

We manufacture our tubes in a large range of shapes and sizes and assorted materials including steel, copper, brass and aluminium, meeting every demand for a great price. The tubes we formulate are used in a whole host of applications and we can facilitate all requests, providing services including tube ring rolling, expansion, reduction, bending and much more.

If you are in need of tube manipulation services it is important to engage a reputable supplier. As we use a wide range of materials, we are able to offer many options to our clients. We can deliver products in various strengths and finishes that meet every specification. Furthermore, the fact that we can produce our tubes in a variety of shapes such as oval, round and square means that they can be used in all manner of applications. Our services are underpinned by years of experience and our techniques and processes have been developed to the highest degree. We use the finest machinery and equipment and we operate with a determination to deliver first class craftsmanship.

One of the many services we offer is tube reduction. This method bears similarities to tube tapering as it involves reducing the size of the tube towards the end. Tube reduction is typically executed on rotary reducing machines or hydraulic end formers. Rotary reduction prevents diminished integral strength along with any interruption to the grain structure. The components can easily be used in all temperatures which makes them ideal for heavy wall items. They also facilitate tube layering which involves the use of several tubes in various materials to provide a structure with added strength. We provide a whole range of manipulation services including tube ring rolling, swaging, beading, bending and much more, so make us your first choice for all the work you need.