Delivering the best bent tubing

Various techniques are used to manufacture tubing, but the most common varieties are ERW and seamless. Both of these can be manipulated in a number of ways, including being bent to create curves, angles and even spirals. The best producers will be able to adapt tubes for you in a range of ways and deliver high quality products that meet your exact specifications.

Tube bending is usually done either by using hydraulic equipment or electric CNC machinery. The first process requires more manual input so it is naturally slightly less efficient but it allows closer monitoring of the quality and has relatively short lead times. CNC machines are really good when you require a large volume of manipulated tubing but take much more time to set up, resulting in longer lead times.

Whatever process is used to make or manipulate the tubes it is important to keep the wall thickness in mind at all times. Tube manipulation is good because you don’t lose any of the material during manufacturing. As tubes are bent, expanded or reduced though the wall thickness will change, in most cases shrinking. You must monitor this throughout and make sure you account for it or you can find your finished tubes aren’t accurate. You’ll also need to start with a slightly thicker tube so there is excess material for the bend, curve or angle.

If you’re looking for tube bending services, it is important you choose a reliable manufacturer. The process requires careful calculations and accuracy to produce the best quality tubing. By choosing the right provider you ensure you get products to match your specifications. Their experience will also bring value if you need help with designs.

We are home to an expert team of tube making specialists. We offer a broad range of tube bending services and can produce tubing in practically any combination of dimensions. Whatever your needs, whether it is small, thin tubes for a boiler or large ones for an air conditioning system we can serve you.