Mild in name but not in nature

As experts when it comes to tube bending services, we employ a series of methods in order to satisfy the wide variety of customer requests we receive. Our products have been used for many purposes over the years, including the manufacture of chair frames, railings, shop fittings, and barriers to name some. Able to work with a number of different materials, we are the ones to call whenever your tubes are in need of bending.
Mild and carbon steels are two of the materials that we work with on a very frequent basis. As one of the most common substances used on the earth, over 1.3 billion tons of steel is created annually. Buildings, tools, appliances, machines, vehicles and the like are all comprised of it and there are many good reasons as to why this is.

Mild steel is generally known for its safe and durable characteristics, but carbon steel tubes are very resistant to vibration and shock. They achieve this because, as their name indicates, they contain higher levels of carbon. Shock pressure from a hammer and fluctuating water pressure have minor effects on this steel. Since today’s heavy traffic conditions thrust a lot of stress on roadway foundations, these traits are vital.

In addition to its ductility and elasticity, the substantial tensile strength that steel possesses enables the tubes to be utilised safely for extremely high pressures. Carbon steel tubing can be manufactured with thinner walls than other substances, including milder steels. As such, they have a larger carrying capacity than other kinds of tubes that possess the same diameter.

At Multiform Tubes, the most up to date technology is used in our tube bending efforts. Because of this, the products can be bent with the upmost accuracy, which in turn means far better results for you in the end.

We make it our mission to give you the best experience possible, so get in touch with us if you require bespoke tubing.