Achieving the best results with the right machinery

If you have been struggling to find tube manipulation services that can provide you with what you need, then visiting our team should be your next step. Having conducted tubing operations for years, we have been able to build a reputation around our ability to produce the very finest of results for our customers. Whatever your specifications for the tubes, we will strive to meet them.

Tubing can be manipulated by using one of many methods, depending on what your purpose for the object is. The main issue with bending tubes is that you have to decide where and how much to bend them. It’s true that bending apparatus come complete with instructions that cover things like bend deductions and allowances, but they are often complicated and assume that you are an expert in maths.

Completely eliminating the numbers isn’t possible here, but what you can do is plan how you’re going to bend your tube in a manner that makes figuring out the bending angle turns an easy process. Before putting your plan into action however, you must select the correct machine.

Mandrel bending mechanisms are what you use when the intention is to manufacture stock and customised exhaust pipes, heat exchanger tubing and dairy tubing. In addition to those dies that are utilised in rotary draw, the mandrel approach makes use of a flexible support. This bends with your tubing or pipe to ensure that they don’t become deformed.

Induction bending uses an electric coil to heat the area to be bent. The metal is cooled instantly with water in order to temper it, with the result being some very tight bends.

At Multiform Tubes our tube manipulation services have been used for a variety of purposes, such as manufacturing furniture, railings and barriers. With state of the art equipment, our processes are carried out accurately and efficiently, allowing us to produce those results that are expected from us. If we can assist you in any way, please get into contact with us.