Optimising tooling to ensure accurate tube bending

At Multiform Tubes Ltd we have a reputation for offering high quality tubing. We earned this by ensuring we can offer the very best tube bending services as well as other options for manipulating them. Whatever our clients need, we work very hard to ensure we deliver the right products.

Best practice

Tube bending servicesThe most important thing with tube bending is to optimise tooling. This is the only way to get truly consistent results. Some people will simply increase the bender force if they have the wrong set up and worn tools. Doing this can work but is very unlikely to provide good results. In fact the final tubing may have more issues because of it.

Sadly a number of companies want to find a universal set up that will work for various projects. While this can save time and reduce the need for retooling, it can cause problems.

The best practice with tube bending services should be to set up for each specific project. While it can take more time, it means it is possible to optimise the tooling for the job. That means the tooling itself will do most of the work, reducing how much bender force they need. Ultimately this approach can improve the quality of the final products.

Assessing the scope

In order to ensure you have the optimum tooling for a project you need to assess the specs. You must consider things like the tube material, OD, wall thickness, the bend angle, and the centreline radius. In addition, you need to think about the quality requirements. The right tooling is even more essential if you don’t want any flaws like wrinkles or flat spots.

With all of this knowledge you are ready to select the most appropriate tooling. Whilst doing so you need to check that the tools are not worn. Never use any that show signs of excessive wear. If you do the final tubes will likely have some flaws.

Come to us for tube bending services

Multiform Tubes Ltd knows how vital it is to use the correct tooling. That is why we invest a great deal in it. As a result we can deliver accurate services and high quality products. It also means we have the resources we need to take on projects with various specifications.

So, if you are thinking about tube bending services, rely on us. We can work with you to satisfy your needs and exceed your expectations.