Why is water so useful for cooling?

Water pipe coolingMany industries rely on one kind of cooling system or another. It could be a simple loop to cool electrical equipment or a complex solution for oil and gas production. Either way, the key thing to remember is that it must effectively remove heat from components. There are lots of options in terms of the coolant. However, water pipe cooling tends to be the most common choice. There are several reasons why.

Heat capacity

The best reason to use water for cooling is it has a very high heat capacity. In fact, it has a higher one than any other liquid. What this means is it can absorb a lot of heat before it starts to warm up. It outperforms other options like oil. Air cooling is a popular option but once again water is better in terms of how much heat it can absorb.


Water is also readily available in most locations. In fact a number of industries will choose locations where they can gain easy access to a steady supply. This could include setting up near rivers or close to the coast. While using sea water does have its drawbacks because of the salt content, it can be more available than other coolants. As a result it is still a better option.

Low costs

The easy availability also translates to low costs. Even water direct from the mains is cheaper to use than other types of coolant. That means it is by far the most cost effective choice in terms of operating costs.

There is also the option to recirculate water in a cooling system. This can provide even more savings as resources could go through several times before they need to be replaced.

Talk to us about water pipe cooling systems

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