Our rigorous techniques produce precise tubes

Tube bending makes the construction of a wide range of tubular components swift and simple. If you require tubular products, it is important to engage the services of a reputable company with industry knowledge and experience. There are several manipulation processes available, and each one requires proficient expertise. After many years spent supplying industry with quality components and customer care, we are able to offer a reliable, affordable and comprehensive tube manipulation service.

We can manufacture tubes in several materials including copper, steel brass and aluminium. We use only state of the art equipment as we strive to deliver nothing less than precise results. Our services are designed to offer unbeatable customer satisfaction, which is why we manufacture tubes in over 200 shapes and sizes. Whatever your individual specifications are, we can successfully meet your requirements.

The quality of our machinery means high levels of efficiency and accuracy. Along with offering extensive choice, we have also made flexibility a key aspect of our services. Our many manipulation processes include tube bending, beading, swaging, expansion, reduction and ring rolling to name a few.

Ring rolling is a hot process and involves raising the temperature of metal for the purpose of manipulation. In contrast, the cold process calls for the temperature to be lowered. Rolling can alter the shape of even the strongest tubes and produce flawless finishes and perfect curves. This extremely flexible method can produce precise components for a varied range of industries, from heating and furniture to the automotive sector.

We operate in fully equipped premises with the resources to meet every possible requirement. Our professional team has the experience and knowledge to complete any project, working to the highest possible standards at all times. Health and safety is a major concern in any industrial environment, and we are fully compliant at all times.