Manipulating tubes with pin-point accuracy

When manipulating metallic tubing, it is vital to keep the wall thickness in mind throughout the process. The walls will shrink in size when the tube is bent because the material is stretched into its new shape. If this is not accounted for, the finished tubing may be left with flaws and weak points that threaten the stability and longevity of the tube.

It is always trickier to manipulate and bend thin walled tubes because there is less material to work with. The process takes a great deal of precision because there is less room for errors and corrections. To maximise accuracy and prevent issues, it is always advisable to hire a dedicated tubing manufacturer with the relevant experience to shape tubes effectively.

At Multiform Tubes we have extensive experience working with various wall thicknesses, from thick sturdy tubes to much thinner, more delicate walls. Our knowledge and skills serve us very well here because they allow us to manipulate and bend the tubing to meet the precise needs of our clients. We can bend tubes in a number of ways, including any direction, gentle curves and tighter angles. We can even produce spirals and coils when required.

Whenever we manufacture a piece of tube, we strive to maximise quality and stick to the very tightest tolerances. Precision is very important to us and we have invested a great deal to ensure we have the equipment and personnel to deliver it. Our reputation has been built on the accuracy and quality we offer so we do all we can to ensure we meet every order effectively.

We have a deep understanding of the materials we work with, which enables us to provide a top quality service to all our clients. We can make tubing out of various metals, including copper, titanium and several types of steel. Each has its own properties and will behave differently when the tube is manipulated. We have built our knowledge and experience with each material so we can deliver the most accurate tube bending services in the UK. If you have any questions about tube manipulation or how specific metals will behave when bent, please contact us.