Plymouth uses steel tubing to keep its people safe

As one of the country’s leading specialists when it comes to altering tubing, it should come as no surprise that our talent and experience is extensive. Every time a customer visits us requesting that we modify tubes for them, we go above and beyond to ensure that we meet all of their specifications.

Used to open the ends of tubing, tube expansion is immensely useful and can satisfy various applications. This is one service we excel at, delivering the highest quality results for clients from a wide array of sectors.

While steel tubing can be used for many reasons, perhaps the most important one is for safety. Guardrails are probably the product that the majority of people will think of in regards to how tubes can be used in regards to safety. Surprisingly these rails can be used in a wide array of settings.

Plymouth Community Homes has recently applied for planning permissions in order to install a set of guardrails on the roof of a property. For health and safety reasons the roof perimeters need to be protected. By introducing these rails into the 1960s flats, workers will have edge protection, something they have never had before. The planning application stated that this will permit secure working access to the roof areas for maintenance requirements.

The rails are set to be generally freestanding and counterbalanced, ensuring their stability. In terms of visual impact for the guardrails, this is planned to be kept to a minimum. 48.3mm OD galvanised steel tubing shall be placed at the necessary spacing and heights for Health and Safety purposes.

At Multiform Tubes, our tube expansion work can be accomplished via two methods. The first makes use of a tapered die whereas the second approach uses hydraulic operated expanding dies. Either method can be used to expand the ends of tubing with great precision. The hydraulic dies can be set to many different diameters, catering for a myriad of requirements.

If you are looking for bespoke tubes that can be adapted for use as railings we can provide the products for you. We can expand or reduce the ends of tubes so they slot together effectively.