Choosing the right material for your frame

Known far and wide throughout the country for our professionalism, high quality work and the dedication we have to our client’s needs, our business is one that deserves to be called first-rate. With such services like tube reduction available, we can modify your tubing to suit any situation.

As you may be well aware, tubing is used extensively in the creation of bike frames. Several different materials are utilised, each providing different properties. This raises the question; what kind of tube you should use? Typically the choice will come down to steel, aluminium or titanium.

Steel has stood out for more than 100 years as the dominant material. It is both cost effective and strong, making it a great option. During the 70s, aluminium and titanium began rising in popularity because they were both lighter than steels. Neither of these two saw any significant popularity until the 1990s however.

Each of the three materials offer a unique blend of stiffness, artistry, durability and what people refer to as road feel. This term is used to describe the tactile sense of the road that one feels.

When selecting a material for the tubing it is wise to consider how the bicycle will be used. For indoor cycling in a velodrome or on a track, lightness and speed are the most important characteristics. For outdoor and mountain bikes ruggedness and durability are more important. This shapes what material you should choose. Aesthetics also come into play too.

At Multiform Tubes, we can offer a range of services to work with steel, titanium and aluminium tubing. We take on all kinds of unique projects for clients, ensuring we deliver the highest quality products. Whatever the finished design you can rely on us to create it.

One service we do offer for all three materials is tube reduction. We can effectively alter the ends of tubes so they can be slotted together. This is also useful for the handlebars. Whatever the need or the material we will provide a precise finish every time.