Pre-bending advice for brass tubes

Tube manipulation is one of our most popular services, largely due to its versatility. Clients from many industries find a use for it. This includes various types of manufacturing and infrastructure. We do our best to satisfy the needs of everyone who visits us.

Brass is one of the metals that we work with because it’s not difficult to adapt. In its tube state, you can configure it however you please. It’s even possible to manufacture distinct fixture and furniture parts using this material. Yet, whilst working with tubes, you must learn how to bend them correctly. This will enable you to gain the shapes you desire. Below, we’ve gone into detail about how you have to be ready before you can begin bending.

Do you have the right bender die?

Before you can bend anything, you need a bender die. This is utterly vital to getting a decent bend. Without the right die, your tube shall squish, rendering it unusable. Your die has to grasp the tube 180° to stop it from stretching or shrinking. The die cannot make contact for a mere fraction of this figure. If it does, you’ll end up with an improper bend.


Your tube must be longer than what you require. This is because you have to account for bend and cutting clearances. Longer is most certainly preferable to shorter here. It’s always possible to cut a tube to size. However, you’re unable to add to one that’s a smaller size than what you need.

At Multiform Tubes, we use our knowledge of materials to great effect in more ways than one. What we mean is that we don’t just provide tube manipulation services. We also advise people that aren’t sure what to do. With our assistance every client can get the perfect products.

If you have a product in mind and would like our help, please let us know.