Preparing aluminium tubes for painting

We are one of the country’s most respectable specialists when it comes to tube alteration services. The people we have on our team have no trouble producing products for our clients. For example, they can use tube ring rolling to bend standard designs into circular ones. The final result is versatile components that can serve you in a multitude of ways.

Many properties

Aluminium has a wide array of useful properties, especially in tubing form. Each one of its uses contributes to its reputation as one of the most adaptable metals. This increasing recognition is leading to aluminium replacing more materials every day. For this reason, it is essential for you to understand how it functions in comparison to other substances. Said substances are probably ones you are more familiar with. This includes steel.


aluminiumThanks to aluminium being very prominent, many individuals will find it crucial to discover ways of personalising it. We can’t think of any better way than to paint the material. The problem here is that aluminium is not as accepting of paint as substances like wood are. Therefore, the process is a bit tricky. You can’t just apply several coats and give the aluminium a bit of varnish afterwards.

Saying this, it isn’t hard to paint as long as you know the correct ways to go about doing everything. What you need to do initially is introduce a primer to aid the paint in sticking to the aluminium’s slick exterior. You must also take a series of other steps as well as prepare the substance properly. Should you ignore the following steps, the paint could peel or chip off not long after you apply it.

Get rid of any dirt

Start by ensuring that your surface is dirt free and clean. Aluminium is sturdy so you should not hesitate to use some rough scrub brushes. Avoid using wire wool scouring pads though. These will harm the material’s aesthetics.

Primer application

When you are happy that your aluminium is clean, you should apply your primer. Not just any old primer is going to be sufficient however. You will need to abrade the smooth surface of the material so that the paint can get in and hold on. It’s possible to use sandpaper to do this with the majority of substances. With aluminium though, it is preferable to use an etching primer. Leave it for four to six hours before you do any painting. Take extra care is you are working with tubing, especially if it has been through the tube ring rolling process.

Some consideration required

Once you have etched your aluminium properly, you will be free to use nearly any sort of paint. What we recommend you do here is think about whether you are going to keep your product indoors or outdoors. Think about the weather it is going to need to put up with too. Prior to applying two to three coats, see to it that you apply a white base-coat. This will give you the best results possible.

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Tube ring rollingAt Multiform Tubes, our goal is to provide you with premium services like tube ring rolling without charging premium prices. This technique is useful since it offers continuous curves without flattening your tubes. It can therefore produce a more functional and attractive finish.

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