You won’t get far without accurate bends

Tube bending services may not seem like much to you. However, someone who has been working in the industry for as long as we have understands their true value. In fact, we can offer you the most professional experience possible. Our service is also incredibly comprehensive and we can answer any and all queries.

When tubes come to mind, people think about many things. For most, the first of these thoughts is plumbing. Yet, there are several other everyday items that demand tubing. Examples include musical instruments, furniture, and shop fittings. Any object that needs tubes may require you to bend them at a certain curve or angle too. After all, it is not often you find applications that solely rely on straight tubing.

Bending equipment

Tube bending servicesTubes fabricated for particular machinery and purposes are usually finished using tube bending equipment. This uses a plethora of techniques and formulas to acquire the right shape and angle. Tube bending machines can include mandrels and dies. It is also possible for them to include presses to form the shape of your tube. It is wise to ensure experts are handling the equipment to maximise quality and safety.

For the majority of tubing applications, the specifications for how accurately you must bend the tools are vital. Manufacturers responsible for providing tubes to their clients have to employ exact bending calculations. They need to do this to figure out the correct angle of each bend when offering tube bending services.

It is about the function

At this point, you are probably wondering why the exact angle of each bend is so essential. It is because in many projects, the bends are critical to their function. For example, with automobile engines, you need to bend the tube precisely. This is so that it fits with the other components. If there are any incorrect calculations, the entire system may not work properly. If they are not bent right, tubes can prevent fluids from moving from one section to another.

One other example lies within your home’s plumbing. The tubes might not be shaped in a way that lets them send water to the tap or shift waste. In these cases, breakdowns, leaks, and clogs can happen.

One final detail to note is that tube bending operations differ depending on what specific equipment you use. They could involve you using cold or heat to correctly shape your tube. When working with plastic, you will need different processes to the ones that you use for steel and similar metals.

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At Multiform Tubes, we are able to offer tube bending for numerous materials. This includes brass, titanium, copper, and aluminium. Our services are highly versatile because of this fact. Since this is the case, we are confident we can meet everyone’s requirements.

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