Producing tubes with smaller diameters

Tube manufacturing and manipulation have come on leaps and bounds thanks to improvements in technology. Traditionally, they were limited in terms of the size and shape of tubes as well as the materials they were made from. With modern equipment this is no longer a concern, and talented specialists can produce all kinds of tubular products to suit an ever growing array of different designs.

Improvements in tube reduction technology have had some of the biggest impacts. Typically, reducing the diameter of tubes is very tough and time consuming. With modern equipment it can not only be accomplished, it can be done to a very high standard and in bulk. Machines can produce much tighter tolerances than can be done by hand, meaning the finished tubing can be a smaller diameter and still maintain its structural integrity and shape.

Tube reduction is used primarily on seamless tubing. With ERW tubes, reducing the diameter can result in the seams weakening and splitting, meaning you need to start the manufacturing all over again. On the other hand, seamless tubes can be reduced to extremely small diameters. The process literally stretches the tubing out until it reaches the right size. During the process the wall thickness of the tube will fall so reduction needs to be done very carefully. It requires close monitoring to ensure there are no flaws.

If you need steel tubing with a small diameter, we can produce it for you. Our extensive experience means we can work with our clients to produce the perfect products for them. Before moving ahead with manufacturing we will clarify your requirements and ensure tubing can be made to suit them. If there are any issues we will offer advice and help you to alter the designs if necessary. We are proud to support our clients and strive to deliver the highest quality of service at all times.

We have supplied tubes for a wide range of sectors including the automotive and medical industries. Our commitment to offering the best products we can sets us apart from other competitors; we prioritise quality and will do everything we can to satisfy the expectations of our clients. To find out more about tube swaging, expansion, reduction or any of our other services please contact us.