Protecting mild steel tubing from corrosion

The cost efficiency and versatility of mild steel tubing makes it viable for auto and construction projects. That being said, it is vulnerable to corrosion when you expose it to moisture. If left alone, rust can undermine the structural integrity and shorten the tube’s lifespan. What we intend to do here is discuss ways in which you can fortify your steel against this issue. You can use them in various situations, even if you get tube swaging and other services.

Protective paints and coatings

Tube swagingZinc plating is one of the most efficient steel protection methods. It shields the base material effectively. Powder coating is a useful alternative. Here you apply a dry powder and cure it under heat. This forms a hard layer capable of resisting wear, impact, and corrosion. Or, you can go with painting if you prefer.

Mild steel tubing’s surface has to be meticulously cleaned to remove debris, grease, or dust before painting or coating. By priming the exterior, you can augment the coating’s efficiency or improve paint adhesion.

Consider the particular environmental shifts and aesthetic needs of your project when choosing paint or coating. For example, epoxy coatings are famous for chemical resistance and durability. Acrylic paints provide a multitude of finishes and colours for decorative reasons.

Environmental and physical protection

There are environmental and physical protection strategies you can use as well. By lowering mild steel tubing’s direct exposure to corrosive substances, you can increase the lifespan.

In this regard, design considerations are essential. For example, designing structures with sloped exteriors can prevent water accumulation. This is a leading catalyst for corrosion. Moreover, protective shields or cladding can further isolate steel from corrosive substances. This lowers the risk massively. Talk to us if you need our tube swaging services.

Routine maintenance

Another cornerstone of corrosion prevention is regular cleaning and examinations. By doing periodic checks, you can find corrosion signs such as rust spots early. You can then intervene in time before serious damage occurs.

The maintenance of protective coatings and steel beneath is especially vital in coastal or industrial settings. Salt and pollutants can gather on surfaces. By using soft brushes and gentle cleaning agents, you can remove harmful materials without harming protective layers.

Cathodic protection and sacrificial anodes

The use of cathodic protection and sacrificial anodes gives you a sophisticated way to defend against corrosion. This is particularly true inside very corrosive settings. A sacrificial anode is comprised of a metal that is more reactive than steel, like magnesium or zinc. By corroding in steel’s place, the anodes “sacrifice” themselves to safeguard the underlying material.

With cathodic protection, you apply a small electric charge to the metal to stop it oxidising. In vulnerable environments, both options work well to keep the tubes safe.

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