Correct storage of hydraulic tubes

We’re a company with a reputation for delivering stellar tubing services and quality products. Using the likes of tube drilling, we can get you the right utensils with the ideal characteristics. Our team also works with a multitude of tube materials. Whatever industry it is, we’ll be able to help.

Hydraulic tubes are one of the tubing types we work with. They come in handy for all kinds of projects. This only remains the case if you look after them correctly though. Should you store them incorrectly, they may suffer damages that could massively affect performance. To help you avoid this, we’re going to discuss the best methods for storage.

Environmental needs

Tube drillingFirstly, we will go over the storage environment. The setting needs to be a clean, dry, and well-ventilated location. As for the temperature, it shouldn’t be too low or too high. Between -15ºC and 40ºC is ideal. With the relative humidity, it should be under 80%. Your hydraulic tubes need to be away from water and direct sunlight.

During the summer for example, you can place tube in an air-conditioned room. This will work to stop long-term high temperature exposure; this is an issue that can lead to cracking and ageing. If it proves necessary to put your tubes in the open air, you need to take rain and sun protection measures. With the grooves, you must set them up to drain in time to stop water gathering up.

Any hydraulic tubes put in cabinets, warehouses, and other interiors must remain dry and clean. This will stop water vapour and dust from entering them and then causing corrosion. Both ends of your tubes need to be tightly sealed to stop debris from getting in. Your tubes also cannot come into contact with organic solvents, oils, acids, or alkalis. The same goes for corrosive liquids and gases. Keep the tubes 1m away from heat sources as well. Contact us if you need first class tube drilling services.

Rust prevention

Next, we’ll talk more specifically about rust prevention. There are several ways to stop it with hydraulic tubes. Spraying and paint are common methods. When using these and similar approaches, you have to ensure the exterior of your tube is clean. This will prevent issues such as poor adhesion.

For hydraulic tubes stored over the long term, use a passivation protection method. What you do is add a zinc or chromium layer to the tube’s surface. This will stop it from encountering the ambient oxygen and generating an oxidation reaction. As a result, you will be able to achieve environmental protection.

Stacking location

You cannot stack heavy goods on the tube body because it would cause damage and force extrusion. Avoid the friction, extrusion, and technical shock of these tubes as well. If your hydraulic tube has to be temporarily stored in the open air, the site has to be flat. Lay them and then cover the top. Heavy objects can’t be stacked here either and they shouldn’t encounter heat sources.

Stopping compression and deformation

To stop hydraulic tubes from becoming deformed and compressed during storage, the stacking can’t be too high. The height shouldn’t surpass 1.5m. In addition, store the tubes in as loose a state as you can. Usually, hydraulic tubes with an internal diameter under 76mm are ones you can store in coils. You must keep tubes of individual specifications and types separately. Don’t hang or overlap them to avoid misuse or confusion.

Other precautions

You should carefully inspect your utensils before storage. If you come across any damage or defects, you need to sort them out in good time to prevent complications. As for the storage time, it shouldn’t be too long; don’t let it exceed two years. Use them before this point so you don’t undermine their quality.

Save yourself time and hassle with tube drilling

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