Putting care and attention into tube bending

When it comes to tube bending services, we are the company you can trust. We understand that the process is different depending on the shape of the tubing, and always adjust our work accordingly. Circular lengths are slightly easier to deal with than square or rectangular because of the differences in the shapes, but no matter how easy or challenging the job, we will always pay the utmost attention to every detail to make sure the results are absolutely perfect.

Regardless of the shape of the tube, we’ll take every important detail into account including the degree of the bend, the radius and the chord of the bent section. We can also accurately and sharply manipulate the tubing to get the final shape you want. This can be done in several ways including rotary draw, induction, roll or compression bending. The tolerance and final appearance you want will determine which method is most suitable.

One of the biggest challenges of bending or manipulating tubes is getting the material to cooperate without damaging it. This is slightly easier when using circular tube. With square or rectangular you need to ensure the welded seam is in the right place. If it is too close to a corner it can crack when the tubing is bent. When we are providing our tube bending services you never need to worry about the tube being weakened in any way, as our techniques ensure the strength of the tube is preserved. We can create the right pieces with minimal fuss, providing the wall thickness you need with no compromise on quality.

Using the very latest tools and techniques, and with a deep understanding of the many different methods and skills involved in tube bending and manipulation, we are the company you can trust for superior tube bending services, no matter what your requirements may be.