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The trickiest aspect of tube drilling when dealing with rounded tubing is holding the section firmly in place so that the hole can be created. Naturally the round edge will want to rotate as it is placed, dramatically increasing the risk of slipping and damaging the surface of the tube. This also puts the operator of the drill at risk of injury.

The best solution is to use a clamp to hold the tube in place to stop the rotation. This needs to be fit for the job, ensuring it can keep the tubing still whilst also ensuring the surface is not damaged in the process. The last thing you want is to find that the clamp itself has exerted too much pressure on the section, causing it to warp.

Angled tubing is typically easier to drill because it can be placed so that it sits flat. A clamp is still needed though so that it remains steady and does not move. Again it must be up to the job and ensure that no damage is caused to the surface of the product or the shape.

There are many different types of clamp to choose from. It is vital the right one is utilised for each project, ensuring that the tube is held steady and that it is possible to drill the hole in the required place.

At Multiform Tubes we have a lot of experience with tube drilling. It is one of several services we provide to ensure we can deliver the best finished products to our clients. We have the skills and equipment to work with a variety of shapes of tubing as well as different dimensions.

If you are utilising tubing you can call on us for help regardless of the application. We will get to know your requirements and advise you about what we can offer. In the end you can expect great tubes that will be fit for your purpose. The holes drilled in them will be accurately placed and properly sized. The surface of the sections will be perfect, as will the shape.