The role of steel tubes in the solar industry

Among the different forms of manipulation and bending that are undertaken here, tube ring rolling is a very commonly requested service from our customers. This process involves transforming a straight section of tubing into a circular design. One of the best aspects of the technique we use is that it gives constant curves while not flattening the tube, even with the strongest of materials.

When solar organisations are installing new systems for their clients, they need to make sure that the materials that they use can stand up to both the test of time and the elements. This is why a considerable number of people from the solar industry are opting to utilise steel tubing for their purposes. Due to the high temperature resistant properties and sturdiness of the material the tubes are the number one choice for industries where resilience and longevity are necessities.

Steel has roughly three times the modulus of elasticity that aluminium possesses, generally offering 30,000 ksi compared to around 10,000 ksi. What this means is that under the intense amounts of heat that comes from the solar panels, steel will stand stronger and shall endure for much longer.

Aside from solar companies, a myriad of other sectors also get their fair share of usage out of steel tubes. A prime example would be the construction industry, as it’s quite common to see the products used to make railings and barriers. The tubes are also utilised in less obvious ways too, including by interior designers who are attracted to their industrial chic aesthetic.

At Multiform Tubes our tube ring rolling services are beneficial to anyone who needs circular steel tubing. Due to our years of experience, our products are always of the highest quality, resulting in us becoming one of the country’s top providers.

Should you require our services, you need only contact us to discuss your needs. We will work closely with you to deliver the exact products you need, ensuring that each one is precise and satisfies your requirements.