Reasons to use tube assemblies for hydraulic systems

We are a specialist establishment that offers its clients a wide range of manipulation services for tubing. This includes tube expansion. What happens here is that we use several strategies in order to open up the end or a piece of tube. Such actions allow users to use their products in ways they didn’t think possible.

With hydraulic applications, you often have the option to choose either hose or tube assemblies. Many people will tell you that the former is the superior choice. However, there are actually many situations where a tube assembly would be more suitable. Please read on if you wish to find out more.

Life span

If life span is your main concern, then tubing is the way forward. There is a general rule here. However, it does not apply in many scenarios. It is that the effects of heat, UV light, chemical exposure, abrasion, vibration and other elements could minimise the advantages of tubing. Saying this, tube will usually outlive a hose in projects that involve high impulse, high cycle applications. It is the same for ones involving UV light exposure. Come to us if you need tube expansion services for tubing assemblies.

Expanding under pressure

tube expansionWith expansion under pressure considerations, tube comes out on top. When someone pressurises a hose, the length increases and diameter expands. Overall, the hose interior’s volume grows whilst under pressure.

With a sufficient number of hoses in your system, the hydraulic fluid increase can become detectable. You might also have to think about it during the design phase.

Additionally, the volume fluctuation from the hose’s volume reduces the efficiency and reaction time in the hydraulic system. On the other hand, metal tubing’s expansion is trivial. It is this that makes tube systems the favourite for projects demanding accurate positioning.

Tight bend radius

For anyone requiring a tight bend radius, tube is the way to go. When you compare to hose assemblies, tubes are able to obtain significantly tighter bends. With this in mind, selecting a tight bend can improve flow resistance. You are able to bend tubes using huge radius blocks.

Anyone who has concerns about abrasion resistance should also choose tubes. There is the option to use abrasion resistant sleeves or hose covers. However, they are still likely to suffer more than tubing in environments that are incredibly abrasive.

UV resistance

You should choose tubing if you need something to resist the effects of UV lights as well. The thing about steel is that it isn’t influenced when it encounters UV rays. As for hoses, people normally use rubber compounds in their covers. These break down over time due to sunlight/UV rays. There are new compounds in development but they are not UV proof. To be safe, you should stick with tube.

Speak to us about tube expansion

At Multiform Tubes, we aim to give everyone top quality services. Our tube expansion methods allow you to provide your tools with a leak proof fit onto other parts. You will be able to use your tubing in ways you could not previously.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to get in touch.