Retaining structural strength in all types of tubes

One of the greatest benefits of the manipulation process is the production of precise tubular components without taking away any of the material. As a respected name in our field, we offer economical and cost-effective tube manipulation, and we pride ourselves on being a diverse supplier. We maintain our reputation by offering our customers the best possible services and products at the right prices.

Our products are manufactured in an extensive selection of materials in order to offer our customers the widest possible choice. We work hard to satisfy every requirement and deliver individually tailored solutions. As tubular components are utilised in a broad range of industries, we have structured our manufacturing processes and extended our capabilities to offer every solution to a diverse selection of customers.

If you need tube manipulation services, it is important to use a professional company capable of delivering swift services without compromising on strength and accuracy. We can produce tubes in many different finishes and strengths, ensuring each product matches the specifications of our customers. Tubes can be finished in many shapes such as square, round and oval, and they are suitable for use in a whole host of applications.

Our team of skilled engineers have comprehensive knowledge of every facet of the manipulation process and are able to produce smooth and flawless finishes. We use high quality machinery and our work is carried out with full adherence to safety ensuring the finest possible results. We offer tube expansion, reduction, ring rolling, swaging, forming, tapering and more.

Some manipulation methods share similarities but produce different results. Tube reduction resembles tapering in that it involves making the tube smaller at the end. Most of the time, we will carry out tube reduction with the use of rotary machines or hydraulic formers. This allows us to maintain the strength of the tube throughout the process. When complete, the components can be used in all temperatures, and if your tube requires additional structural strength this can be achieved with tube layering. Whatever your manipulation needs, we can help with an affordable service that ensures you stay on schedule and receive the finest tubular components.