Both seamless and welded tubes possess unique benefits

Being the experts in tube alteration that we are, there isn’t much that cannot be accomplished by our team. Excelling in techniques like tube swaging, we make it our mission to produce tubing that meets your exact specifications. Steel might be the go to material when it comes to tubes, but you will be glad to know that we also work with a group of other substances, making ours quite the flexible service.

Stainless steels remarkable characteristics make it a prime candidate when the time comes to choose your materials. The hygiene and strength of the steel, as well as it’s corrosion resistant properties, have transformed it into a favoured choice amongst the industrial, aerospace and medical sectors.

The two principal tubing categories here are welded and seamless, with the main difference being the seam that exists on a welded product, not on a seamless one, as the name implies.

Seamless tubes have a better time enduring pressure and since there’s no weld seam, the whole circumference is equally strong. With welded tubing, the seam isn’t noticed by the naked eye and appears to us as seamless. In addition, welded tubes possess marvellous concentricity, are very cost effective for the majority of projects, and are readily available.

Seamless models begin as solid bars, which are moulded into tubes via rotary piercing or extrusion. They’re ordered to requirements that make them flexible for widespread utilisation and suitable for ready certification for harsher specifications.

Welded tubing begins as a strip of material. It is roll formed and welded to create the tube. The requirements that come with this variety see to it that elongation, yield, and tensile tests are conducted, as well as hydrostatic or non-destructive electrical examinations.

At Multiform Tubes, the tube swaging that we carry out is a rotary procedure, the hammer forming operation for the lowering cross sections of solids, wires, and tubes. With our swaging, we can change the tube’s interior shape whilst preserving the circular nature of its exterior. It’s also useful for enlarging or minimising a tube’s diameter.

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