Immense care is required whilst drilling metal

Situated in the West Midlands, ours is a business that possesses experience in a huge number of alteration techniques for tubing, including tube drilling. Tubes have a massively diverse nature, and it is this characteristic that we seek to take advantage of. That way we can provide our clients with products that meet their precise specifications. Suitable for the industrial and domestic sectors, our manufacturing and finishing talents are certain to serve you well.

Drilling tubes is something that we do on a regular basis. Although this may seem simple enough when said aloud, conducting an act of this calibre on metal comes with a sizeable amount of challenges. In order to stay on top of our game, and remain safe for that matter, we stick to the following advice whilst drilling.

This first point should be common knowledge; always remember eye protection is a necessity. A single metal fragment is all it takes to cause a major injury, so don’t chance it. The ideal safety glasses to use would be those that are designed to wrap around the sides of your face.

Making a dimple prior to the drilling is a great idea. Drill bits have a bad habit of slipping when the drilling initially begins. If you wish to prevent this from occurring, evaluate and imprint where you desire your hole to be and then make use of a centre punch and hammer to produce your dimple. This gives your drill bit’s tip somewhere to ride in as you start to drill your tube. Just be careful not to warp the shape of the tubing.

At Multiform Tubes, thanks to the advanced tube drilling machinery that we utilise, you will be given a professional finish that shall make sure your product doesn’t bend or turn while it’s being operated on. Our drilling is capable of offering solutions for a range of applications, including automotive components, pre-formed furniture, and much more.

If there is something in particular that we can assist you with, be sure to contact us.