Solutions for connecting pipes

It is very rare that an individual length of tubing is requested from a manufacturer. In most cases, tubes are designed to be fitted together to create a system for transporting fluid or gas. Manufacturers usually make these in their entirety so they can ensure they join together properly and are free from leaks and other potential issues. It takes care and attention to detail to get it right, and strict quality control measures are required for the best results.

Joining pipes can be a challenge because any gap will result in a leak. The best way to overcome this is to ensure they can slot together and overlap slightly. Getting the tubes to this point though means that the end of a tube needs to be either expanded or reduced. Expansion is slightly easier and is more cost effective. The most common way of doing this is known as tube swaging.

Rotary swaging is a really good method of expanding tubing ends. It involves the use of a die which is inserted into the tube so it can rapidly hammer the surface and boost the diameter. Dies can be inserted as far into the tubing as necessary to create the amount of overlap you need for your system; generally the larger this is the lower the chance of developing a leak.

Swaging is not limited solely to use on the ends of tubes. We can actually run the die down the whole inside of the tube to expand the diameter for the full length. We can even swage the inside of the tube to make it a different shape to the exterior. This requires a great deal of precision and a special die but it can be done.

Swaging takes a great deal of precision and the condition of the tube needs to be closely monitored to ensure no flaws are created. The process is easier with modern equipment but the operator still needs to be experienced so they can spot the signs of tension or thinning of the tube walls. Whatever your tubing needs you can rely on us to deliver the highest quality products. We excel in every aspect of the process, from the actual manufacturing to cutting and tube swaging. With extensive experience and the very best equipment at our disposal, you can be sure we will carry out the work to the highest standards, without ever compromising on the strength or integrity of the tube.