Tube bending carried out by the experts

We are proud to be able to offer a number of different tube manipulation services, including tube ring rolling, tube swaging and tube expansion, alongside many others. Our objective is to provide our clients with the tubes that they need in order to create the parts or products that are necessary for their project. We are particularly renowned for our tube bending services, which involves manipulating a wide variety of tubes to ensure that they fit the customer’s exact needs.

Tube bending requires specialist equipment. Although the angle of the tube is altered, no damage is inflicted onto the structure and its strength and integrity is never compromised. As different materials have different properties, the right machinery can make bending them simple, regardless of the material. This allows for satisfactory results to be achieved constantly and for a high degree of accuracy to be attained.

Tube bending is used to create tubes that fulfil a number of roles, from shop fittings to furniture. Bent tubes make for vital components in a huge number of products, and this means that these services need to be carried out as professionally as possible, to ensure that our customers receive tubes of the highest possible quality. As we are experienced specialists in the fields of tube manipulation and, specifically, tube bending, our clients can be assured that whatever their needs are, we can match them exactly.

We bend tubes that are constructed out of a number of materials, ensuring that our customers receive exactly what they need. We can also bend tubes that are constructed into a number of shapes, including square and rectangular tubes. Our versatility makes us the one-stop shop for all of your tube bending requirements, as well as tube expansion, reduction, and much more. No matter what the industry, from aerospace to manufacturing, all of our clients can benefit from our expertise.