Why is stainless steel a preferred material for car exhausts?

For years our business has specialised in the various techniques that can be used for tubing alteration. Tube swaging stands as a prime example. Despite their strength and endurance, regular tubes sometimes just aren’t up to the task, since they lack the necessary proportions. This is where we come in; as we use our talents to shape your tube so that it possesses the structure required to carry out its duties.
As far as vehicle exhaust systems go, no compromise on the quality should exist. Both the quality and life of stainless steel tubes originate from the composition of the material itself. These products are created using absolute steel, alongside nickel and chrome so that they come to have corrosion and rust resistant properties.

To similar affect steel tubes can be coated with aluminium. The difference here however is that once they become scratched, coated models let dirt and moisture in, which in turn starts the corrosion process. Stainless tubing is developed specifically to last in harsh conditions, so there isn’t much need to talk about recoating or painting.

Even though stainless steel lasts for as long as what might seem like an eternity, heat shall cause it to become discoloured sooner or later. This isn’t really that much of a quality concern however; some polish and a soft cloth have the potential to bring back that lovely chromium radiance.

All of these properties make stainless steel a great material for making exhausts from. The tubes can be adapted in a number of ways, including with tube swaging, to ensure they are the perfect specifications. They will withstand the heat they are exposed to, the contaminants in the exhaust fumes, and the moisture, salt and dirt they encounter on the roads.

At Multiform Tubes our tube swaging process consists of inserting a die into the tubes and hammering quickly. Afterwards, this die opens and closes, leading to the rapid formation of the shape. We are experienced at working with stainless steel and can provide the right services to suit it.

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